Painting and Moving

As you know, we moved into a new apartment, or “Town House” since I want it to sound better than it actually is. I was on vacation all last week and spent most of that time organizing and unpacking. As far as the move itself, it completely sucked. I would like to thank everyone that helped us out though. Ryan (hernia and all) & Katie, (thanks to Katie especially who helped out with the move as well as the two days prior painting) Tim A. & Megan, (who barely know us and helped out till the bitter end) Marlena & John (who helped us the 1st half of the day, which is the worst part), My mom and Bob (we couldn’t have done it without you guys, Mom, was packing inside and coming up with lots of little helpful ideas while Bob was in charge of packing the trucks), Ben (who put in 2 days of hard labor, since we had to go back the next day and fill up the Suburban and trailer for the second time, but the only help we had that day was Ben and we worked for over 12 hours, then he had to go to school the next morning for his first day of high school).

At first I thought that we would certainly have enough room in the truck since I got the 17′ one that the U-HAUL web site recommended for someone with 2 bedrooms. What I didn’t know is that they couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out, that even with the moving van, and my parents’ Suburban pulling a trailer, we still had to go back for another load. I should have paid the $10 more and gotten the 24′ truck. Next time I’ll know, right? NOPE! Next time I will be hiring a local moving company doing it and neither myself nor anyone I know will have to move anything I own again. I hated every second of it and I’m pretty certain that so did everyone that helped out.

I don’t want to forget to thank Steve and Darren for their help with painting. We spent 2 days painting the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office and bathroom. That part went well until it was time to pull off the masking tape. Apparently you’re supposed to pull it off as the paint is still wet but we couldn’t because we needed to do several coats of each color. So, when pulling the tape off, it took the paint with it. It looked like we didn’t even use tape at all. Actually, it looked worse because it pulled the paint off like you’d pull a latex glove off after giving a body cavity inspection. Stretching and pulling and, oh my, it was awful.Other than that it was great.

Ryan just found out 2 days before moving day that he has a hernia and that he couldn’t help lift anything. But he still helped by moving little stuff and bigger items that he didn’t have to strain himself carrying. In addition to these tasks, I assigned him the official photographer of the event. I think he took some pretty good shots.

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