I’m Engaged

Well, I’ve finally chosen to make that permanent commitment to someone. I am getting married. I’m pretty happy about it actually.

I started thinking about it after Trista’s dad had a little conversation with me at Christmas in New York. He prefaced it by saying how much he likes me and that he hopes I stick around for a while. After that he looked me sternly in the eyes and said, “But I’m not happy with your living arrangements.” And sort of gave me the stare-down for a minute or so. He then quickly followed up with, “If I at least knew you guys were thinking about getting married or something, it would make me feel a little better about things.” It made me really think.

Now, Trista has been living in Michigan with me for exactly a year and things are pretty much absolutely perfect. We get along better than anyone could hope to and we just have a great time together. I’ve been thinking about proposing since January, and seriously contemplating how and when since May. For the past few months I have been acting very uninterested in the hopes of surprising her. Every time she would mention marriage or weddings, I would act as if I never wanted to get or be married. In fact, I started to fear that I was scaring her away. I mean, everyone knows by now that I have been in serious relationships in the past that have lasted WAY longer than Trista and I have been together, and I did not end up married then, nor did I even come close.

So this completely shocked the heck out of her. I’ll tell you how it went down….

We were at our campsite on Monday at camp (during the first annual Young Adult’s Program Yeeee haw) right before service. We were just sitting there alone and with out preamble or warning, I said, “So… you wanna get married?” She thought I was joking but still started getting red in the face and didn’t know what to do with herself. After a slight bit of silence she then collected herself but I continued, “To… me?” She giggled a little as I fumbled for the ring that I was to give her. The ring is sort of special in the fact that it was left in my semi truck at least a a year and a half ago, maybe two years, I’m not sure. I put it on a chain and hung it up on my visor where I could see it and have it remind me of her everywhere I went as I trucked across America. So I used that ring and it made it sort of meaningful.

So, then I got it off my key chain and held it out to put it on her finger, but she, for some reason, didn’t think I was going to put it on and said as if she were being insulted, “You can’t just hand it to me.” To winch I jokingly snapped, “I’m waiting for your finger!” It was silly, and it was neat.

After that I told her that I love her and we hugged and she, still not knowing what to do with herself, started to cry. We walked to service and no one knew what had happened or anything. It just looked like Trista had been crying for some reason. After service we went and told everyone that we knew, and news spread so fast that people we hardly knew were congratulating us as we walked around.

I chose camp as the place to do it since that’s where we met and it also marked one year since Trista moved here and we decided to give this thing a try. She wasn’t expecting a proposal for at least year but I can’t see what another year would give us. I don’t think I could be happier about the whole thing.


Yeah, you're right, we DO look great together.

Yeah, you’re right, we DO look great together.


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