First Flash Cartoon

This past weekend I spent 12 hours sitting in my computer room with headphones on, watching my new video tutorials on Macromedia Flash Professional 8. I watched the movies on the laptop and would work along side the lesson on the desktop. Now I have a basic understanding of how it works. Next I have to learn the programming language associated with Flah which is called Actionscript 2.0 and that’s no peice of cake.

After I finished the videos, I needed something to practice on so I asked Trista what I should make. We popped open Flash and started tooling around. We came up with this funny little cartoon that’s about 20 seconds long. It’s nothing special but it took me forever (3 hours) to make. Most of which was trial and error along with my relentless perfectionism which will not allow me to pass a certain point until everything is EXACTLY as I MUST have it.

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  1. I’ve already seen this! I have already complimented you and don’t feel that I need to stroke your ego anymore – but I didn’t notice this the last time and I really love it that one of the skulls bottom teeth fall off. Nice touch.


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