Truckin’ Fairytale

Once upon a time (last month) in a far off land (Pennsylvania), there was a young prince (not actually a prince, or even that young now that I think about it, ok it was me), I was driving along Interstate 80 at about 11:00 pm when all of the sudden out of nowhere I see this full-size van coming up behind me in the next lane with it’s interior lights on approaching along side me very slowly. I didn’t think much about it until they stopped directly next to me and I happened to glance over to notice that it was an older couple (mid-40s’ish). She was completely nude lying on her stomach pointing her naughty parts right at me as she was… well… orally servicing the driver.

They drove next to me for like 2 miles to make sure I got a nice loooOOOOOoooong peek before they zoomed off to show the next truck in front of me. This went on for at least 30 miles before I lost track of them.

I continuted on down the road and about 1/2 hour after they dissappeared, I saw another slow moving van coming up along side me in the same fashion, IT WAS THEM. They pulled off for some reason and were starting the cycle over again, but this time she wasn’t in the front seat at all. She had climbed all the way in the back where they had built a custom little table so she could lay down with her legs spread as wide as they would go and a towel over her face to keep her anonymity.

As they pulled away this time I noticed in the back window one of those scrolling LED signs that said…



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  1. so… you were in Pennsylvania. She was bent over showing you the way to the Hershey’s factory, while enjoying a Pennsylvania Dutch mushroom.

    Well, that about does it – I’m spent as far as lame sexual innuendo jokes go. Vag



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