Football Injury

I have always liked to play backyard football. We used to have this really awesome Nerf football that was weighted so it would fly extra far yet be soft to catch. I recently started a search for another ball just like that and wasn’t able to find something just like it. But I did stumble across the new Nerf Weather Blitz.

I don’t like to play football with a “real” one because it freaking hurts. There I said it. It hurts my delicate hands. I’m okay with that fact. But you know what? Ten minutes after busting the stupid thing out I caught it and it freaking bent my pinky finger back and I sprained it! How do you like that? Well I don’t. So far, my worst football injury to date was caused by a soft Nerf football that I bought so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

I like to tell people I hurt my hand playing football, I just leave out the Nerf part.

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