Clean Cut

I haven’t shaved my face completely clean in over over 7 years. (actually I can’t even remember when it was) but I did just that last week.

I had an interview with Flagstar Bank and I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do. I think I look like a total weirdo.

As far as the interview went, Ryan told me about a system analyst position that opened up in his department and I thought “What the heck.” and applied. I am not quite qualified (understatement) but I really think I can do the job. But it doesn’t matter if I can do the job or not because they never called me back. I was told that day (Friday) that I would hear from them early next week (that was last monday) so I guess that’s a big no since it’s been a whole week after I was supposed to hear the good word.

But back to me looking like a freak…

Here I am looking very pretty for my big photo shoot for Christmas. This is what I am “supposed” to look like (according to me) (18)

Here is what I looked like when I got back from New York the night before my interview.

This is after I shaved using clippers.

This is my stupid fat fact clean shaven and dumb looking.

And here I am mere moments before heading out to the ol’ interview.

And here are some stupid pictures of my stupid face making stupid faces.


  1. You’re right…you do look weird. However, snazzy interview shirt! Look at you all classy.

  2. God, I still can’t look at you.


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