2006 SPCYA Retreat

Well another successful retreat occurred last weekend and everyone had a blast. I love these times at camp to hang out and just do nothing important.

There was an official Ladder-Golf tournament that my team won (well, we won the final game for the championship but Andy and Ryan will say that we have to play one more game but I don’t).

We had an awesome band thrown together and it was a million times better than anything we’ve ever done for any retreat ever. Thanks so much to Billy and Phil for helping out we’re all glad you guys could made it.

Ben J. isn’t funny. (I felt this was the best place to let it be known) I know that Leigh Ann likes him but no one else does.

We learned a new game called Psychology and it was fun. It’s not MAFIA, but it was a good time. Speaking of MAFIA… we should sit and talk about it for hours.

Sorry Matt, that we didn’t get to play capture-the-flag. Most of us wanted to but leave it up to some STUPID girls to mess it up for the rest of us.

There are a crap-load of pics to check out. There is a caption commentary for these pictures provided by Andy Pavlik and Trista. Trista argues that hers are much funnier than Andy’s. So you be the judge.

[Trista is missing from this photo because she was in her bed feeling sick]
[Also, Liz had to go home early so she wasn’t in it either]
[John and Steph showed up later that day]

Check out the 2006 slidshow here.

And while you’re at it check out last year’s pics with commentary by myself and Trista. I started doing them and she came along and kicked me out of my seat and proceeded to upstage my comedy. So I admit, she’s much better at these than I am.

Check out the 2005 slideshow here.


  1. My vote is for Trista, because she knows the difference between “there” and “their” and “Brain” and “Brian.”

    I’m just a stickler for spelling.

  2. my approval is all ben needs. it’s all anyone needs, really. and i also enjoy the correct usage of “there” and “their” and why don’t we just go ahead and throw in “they’re.” two votes for trista.

  3. Your jealousy shines through with comments like that Dymond. Don’t hate.


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