Hobbies & Obsessions

I like to collect hobbies. Well, I don’t LIKE to, I just do. When I discover something new that interests me, it has a 79% chance of becoming an obsession for an indeterminate amount of time.




For about a year now I have been playing what we have started to call “Nerd Games”. The group of people has pretty much consisted regularly of myself, Ryan, Katie, George and sometimes Trista. Recently Andy has joined in since he moved here. Munchkin is the game that started it all. Basically Munchkin is a card game in which the object is to kill monsters and “level up” to level 10. Sound nerdy? Well… it is. What we love about it is that the game is designed in a way that forces you to sabotage and backstab your opponents as well as making alliances with them. It’s pretty despicable. And wonderful.

We still play Munchkin to this day but have mixed in a few other Nerd Games as well. Risk 2210A.D. for one. It’s just like the old fashioned Risk but set in the future and there are cards that you can play to enhance your armies.


A couple of other Nerd Games we play are Ninja Burger & Zombies!!!

But the nerdiest game of them all has got to be the newest one to enter the scene.


Heroscape is my latest obsession. If you have ever played the old Playstation game Final Fantasy Tactics then you’ll know how this game is played. Each player starts off with armies that consist of little action figures played on a 3D board that you build sort of like Legos.


Yeah, so we play with little figurines.

Each character has his own statistics that tell you how many spaces he can move or attack. Battles are decided by rolling dice in a “Risk-esque” manner. They also have tons of expansion sets available so you can add more terrain and figures. I have lots now. Put simply, I LOVE this game.

This game is more than merely a game, it’s more like a hobby in itself. There are whole communities built around the game. Nerdfests, conventions and gatherings all center around this silly Nerd Game.

Heroscape.com – Official web site

HScodex.com – This is an online magazine delivered quarterly in PDF format.

Heroscapers.com – An ultra detailed Heroscape community with news articles and extensive forums.

I’ll stop there, the list goes on and on. There’s even a huge article on Wikipedia. Read everything you absolutely don’t want to know about this silly game.

I really love this game, I know I already said it but it’s true. My only problem is that it takes a while to set up and choose your armies and such before you can actually start playing. We have added rules and crap to speed things up but when I really think about it, this is one of those “unproductive hobbies” that I preach against so often.

Oh well.

Finally, here is a collection of myself and various different nerd-friends playing different games of Heroscape.

Bullseye Ball

Bullseye Ball

Bullseye ball freaking rules. I got it for my birthday from Ryan and Katie and I’m obsessed.


As you can see, it’s very much like skiball at Chucky Cheese’s. That little yellow round thing is a trampoline that you use to bounce the balls into the scoring rings. Center is 3, next is 2 and outer is 1 point. It is completely addicting and I love it so much. Thought I would share it. As of this entry, I hold the record high of 96 in 30-Second-Blitz mode. Yeah.