Bands & Music

I have been a musician since I was 5 years old playing piano at Papa and Grandma’s house. Since then, I started playing the drums in 5th grade band class, and moved on to playing guitar in 8th grade for the heck of it. Mostly I used my guitar-playing to amuse the ladies around campfires. One day, I started playing in front of strangers.

I’m in a REAL band

I’m in a REAL band

I’m in a band called “The Hook”

Ryan and I have been playing together since high school and have finally decided to play out together. He can play anything from guitar to piano but lately he’s been really into the bass, so that is what he chooses to play. We met Don about 2 years ago and quickly found out that he could play guitar and sing. And we met Joe randomly through Don’s wife, Zandra.

The 3 of us have been playing together since about September and we just brought in Joe a few weeks ago.

What we’ve decided to do is cover songs that people know, but do them in our own style.

We played a show last night in Clarkston, MI called “Concerts in the Park” cleverly named becuase it’s a concert in the park (it was basically our first real gig outside of church things.)

We opened for a band called the G-daddys. We got everything all set up and JUST as they were introducing us it started pouring rain. All of our equipment got soaked (the one thing in life that I love most… ok FINE, next to Trista, my guitar was getting crazy-wet and most likely damaged) but luckily, the other band had thought to bring a number to tarps so we quickly covered our gear and waited it out. After about 10 minutes, the rain passed and we were on.

I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous. There had to be at least 500 people staring at us. I’m actually a lot more shy than people know (because by the time you actually know me, I’m fine) but in between songs, there was a LOT of awkward silence as we retuned and switched guitars etc. I just won’t know what to say. I’m not comfortable talking to people, let alone hundreds of them. I’m sure that’ll change (hopefully) as we get more comfortable and less freaked out. I can’t imagine that we’ll have a gig that big for a while. So even if we’re playing at a bar or something, there won’t even be CLOSE to that many people. It was sort of like being thrown in the deep end and not really knowing how to swim. On top of that, it was like not knowing how to swim but having your guitar on you and trying not to have it get wet in the process.

I’m actually glad it rained though, because that certainly lightened the mood a bit, due to its sheer ridiculousness.

My Aunt Nancy and Grandma Dymond surprised me by showing up as well as a bunch of my friends from work came out to see us and that was awesome, I really appreciated that. One of whom is my friend/boss Rich who brought his whole family and wife (who is a photographer that took these photos)

Thanks to Heather for her awesome work and we hope to exploit her talents for our benefit in the future.

Last week Don and I did a 2-man version of our gig for a Relay for Life event in Clarkston. It was about 1000x different from the show in the park. There were about 10 people watching us and all of them were friends / family of ours.

There was also a friend of Greg’s named Mark who shot a few pics for us.

On the MySpace page, you will get to listen to an incredibly lame set of songs that we quickly recorded in order to get these gigs (they needed demo songs and we had 1 week to learn and record them)

So it was quite an exciting/nerve-racking few weeks and we’re glad we did it, and even more glad it’s over! We learned a lot from this experience and can only get better from here on out.

What’s next for us it to re-record that demo now that we have a drummer and know some good songs, good (English is awesome), and get a set of good promo-photos for a press packet so we can continue to get good gigs like we have so far.